Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

I don’t know if it’s me, but I feel like my workplace has been super generous to me. First, they let me use their company vehicle for personal use (not to mention, their best vehicle). I use a company gas card to pay for the gas I am using between work and my house as well which is super convenient. Next, they aren’t anal if I come in 5 minutes late. I know this doesn’t sound like much but in the past I have had supervisors and managers who were very strict on my punctuality. Also, my flight here and my returning flight home are paid for by the company. One week, I was given the opportunity to learn some in-depth concepts of AutoCAD through optional training they let me partake in. Finally, every Friday is traditionally ‘Beer Friday’ once 4:30 hits. At this point in time, most people go to the fridge and get a beer (supplied by the company) and work/socialize until it’s time to go home at 5:00. Here is an example of me spending my time on a Friday.

Ice Fog – 6% India Pale Ale
I’m slowly trying all of Yukon Brewing’s varieties of beer. I think they have 8 types total but they are all different from each other. If anyone ever gets the chance, I recommend they try Yukon Red because I find it’s the best amber beer I’ve ever tasted (but what do I know; I’m not a professional critic).
Last week I got the opportunity to see a hockey game between some of the NHL oldtimers and a seemingly makeshift team of Whitehorse’s. My coworker made plans in advance for dinner with someone else so she gave me her extra ticket and I ended up going with her mom, her 7 year old son, and her son’s friend (I’m a cool cat). It was more-so a family setting so there wasn’t any contact and penalties were rare. In all honesty, I don’t watch hockey nor would I have been alive to see any of the oldtimers play when they were in their prime. The oldtimers still play hockey well though as they completely swept up the Whitehorse team (I left the game a few minutes before it ended to prevent being in congested traffic so I don’t know the final score but I do remember at least a 6 point lead).

The highlight of my weekend was getting out and experiencing Carcross Desert (it’s roughly an hour drive away from Whitehorse). One of my coworkers invited me to a potluck breakfast with her friends on Saturday morning. After stuffing our stomachs full, several of us headed to Carcross Desert to go sledding and to walk around. Carcross Desert is noted as the smallest desert in the world (I’m not sure the legitimacy of that statement though). So far, going there has provided me with the most gorgeous views I have seen this trip (when I say trip, of course I am really here to work). Sledding and walking around was enough fun in itself but it was just so enhanced by the atmosphere that I found it to be sensationally euphoric. Not to tease you any longer, I will show you some pictures. Keep in mind that the pictures are not as detailed as is depicted by the human eye and hence they are understating the view you would actually perceive by a considerable amount. In other words, it looks way better than you think it does!

Here's me doing my philosophical pose for the camera. I'm not trying to make you jealous, I'm trying to inspire you to come and check this part of Canada out. You don't need to go sightseeing internationally when you've got this!

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  1. BEER FRIDAYS?! WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?! Also, lol @ congestion in the Yukon.